5 Benefits of Branding with Business Vehicle Wraps

Why Business Vehicle Wraps?


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There is nothing easy about running your own business. One of the more expensive and time consuming tasks is branding. To really get your products and services out there and build brand recognition, you often have to pay high rates to an ad agency and invest in a plan that means paying out ad dollars to many different venues. However, you can bypass all of this with business vehicle wraps.

Many companies are recognizing the power of this hassle-free option as an effective way to build their brand. Research shows that Americans are on the road more than ever. This makes using your company car as a billboard an ideal choice. Below, we will cover in more detail how vinyl graphics for your vehicle are the perfect investment to build brand identity.

1. Influence a Lucrative Market and Bypass Restrictions

When it comes to billboard rates, timing, and placement, there is the expense and possible restrictions. You can break free from this by making your automobile a moving billboard. Plus, you can reach your target audience more efficiently. Those who are most likely to see your business vehicle wraps are heavy commuters. These people tend to be employed, are middle aged, have a higher income, and children. This is a profitable market to tap into!

2. Increase Awareness and Create a Buzz

In the past week alone, 98 percent of Americans have been in a vehicle. Vehicle branding is noticed by about 95 percent of those people. And, when they see a product on the side of a truck, van or trailer, many people think the truck is delivering the product. They may also believe their neighbors are using your product and begin to develop trust in your brand.

3. Spread Advertising Dollars Further with Business Vehicle Wraps

You get maybe one day or if lucky, a few days of advertising when you place an ad in the newspaper. In addition, with television, it’s hard for ad reps to guarantee your ads will be seen. You also have to worry about when they will air, especially if you have not paid a premium to get primetime positioning. Many people use DVRs to skip over ads these days and are taking advantage of sling-type devices. However, with business wraps, you gain brand exposure 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

4. Generate Positive Associations

Three out of every four people were found to have a positive opinion of businesses they have been exposed to through vehicle advertising. In addition, when this form of branding is used, most people feel the company is more successful and more established.

5. Reach More People More Often

It’s possible to achieve up to 70,000 visual impressions per day for each wrapped vehicle in your fleet. This number increases the more you travel. In addition, 35 percent of the people who see these wraps look closely at the brand and advertising. And, 29 percent of viewers say this type of marketing has influenced their buying decisions.



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