‘Identify Yourself®’ is a Registered trademark of Maher Sign Products Inc, a full service design and production house focused on your corporate image. As a leader in the large format printing and signage industry, we produce what you need to promote, sell and re-enforce your brand. From retail environments to large special events to fleet branding, we’ll spec the job, quote competitively and provide innovative solutions.

Large Format Printing & Signage Services in the GTA

Our success is marked by our core beliefs comprised of business essentials consisting of the genuine relationships we build with our clients, our dynamic team of professionals, our selection of premium materials, and top of the line technology. At ‘Identify Yourself®’, quality is the key to our success. Recognized for our product excellence, we maintain integrity in every process from consultation and creative development, to prototyping, production and installation. We understand what it takes to get noticed and get your message across. We set the print and provide the canvas for you to Identify Yourself®.


Maher Sign Products was founded by Dan Maher in 1996 and his leadership has brought the company to where it is today. Dan has a tremendous reputation in the sign industry for promptness and quality of work. These ideas exist throughout our design, production and installation teams which affords you, the customer, a brighter, better service.

The dedication of Maher Sign Products employees in ensuring the satisfaction and loyalty of our customers is the reason for our success. We believe that great people, all focused on a shared and powerful vision, can achieve tremendous results. And our record of achievement speaks for itself.

Quality From Start to Finish

At Identify Yourself®, we approach each project hands on. Our designated team of industry experts bestows a high level of involvement in each step of the production process. Our philosophy follows the concept that quality can never be compromised. We take pride in offering all in-house production services as opposed to outsourcing. The advantage by producing everything in-house within our own environment maximizes cost efficiency, offers superior quality guarantee, and ultimately strengthens our client relations.


Our one-on-one initial consultation allows you to Identify Yourself® to us but also the opportunity for us to assess your needs and objectives. We maintain a close working relationship with all our clients and believe that is essential in offering the best business solutions possible, tailored to your specifications.

Creative & Development:

We provide creative branding and development, which ensures your company message and identity is unique. Equipped with a team of creative talent and strategic development concepts for successful carry through, each project is crafted with meticulous detail from start to finish.

Proto typing:

This stage incorporates the conceptual theory and couples the client’s vision into reality. It is a crucial step, which allows for new design models to be tested for overall performance and if the model requires any specifications in alteration or adjustment before moving into full production.


All production is done in-house from start to finish. We firmly believe in maintaining quality control and assurance. With state of the art machinery and technicians, each and every product is created and packaged with precision using the best tools and materials. The final product transcends your message while making a visual impact.


We have certified 3M graphic installers and removers available nationwide, who will complete your branding vision and bring it to life with the utmost care and handling, delivering an impeccable finished product on time.


Our 3M™ MCS™ Warranty

3M™ MCS™ Warranty


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