Vehicle Wraps is One of the Fastest Growing Forms of Advertisement

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High Visibility:

The graphics on your trucks, buses and vans are in constant motion and reach thousands of people everyday. Once you have created graphics on your vehicle they are visible 24/7 everywhere your vehicle goes including roads, parking lots, malls, restaurants, shopping centres, schools, etc.

Increased Security:

Custom graphics reduce the risk of hijacking and theft. The graphics make the car easily identifiable and therefore reduce the risk of them being stolen.

Cost Effectiveness:

Vehicle Wraps are an extremely cost-effective way to promote your business around town and across the country where your vehicles are on route. Once you’ve applied the graphics to your vehicles there is no monthly expense…. You keep running your ads rent-free month after month. Compare that with radio, TV, print or billboard advertisement where you have to pay every time you run an Ad. Consider getting customized vehicle wraps from IDY that can help you build awareness at a fraction of the cost of other media.


Vehicle Graphics and Wrap advertising is an innovative method of advertising. It essentially is creating a moving 3D billboard using your own vehicle…regardless of whether it is a car, a van, a pickup, an SUV, a delivery truck, a boat or an 18 wheeler trailer. Vehicle Graphics and Wraps provide companies with a method of advertising that attracts customers and retains their attention of drivers when they are tied up in traffic.

Material Performance:

Vinyl vs. Paint: Vehicle wrap advertising is now a popular advertising medium, especially because of the high performance vinyl materials and relatively in-expensive digital printing available today. These materials last for a long time (typically 5+ years), are harmless to the vehicles body and can be easily removed. Moreover, if you need to change a portion of the graphic like update your address, telephone number etc. it’s very easy. Such performance is not possible with paint which is a lot more expensive to apply and very difficult to remove.

Enhanced Trade-in Value:

Vehicle wraps actually help protect the vehicle’s paint while they’re on the vehicle. When you are done with your advertising campaign and are ready to sell your vehicle, the graphics can be easily removed without harming the vehicle’s finish. Hey voila, no chips, scratches or fading. This is especially important with leased vehicles.

Increased Night-time Safety:

Reflective graphics provide additional safety at night. The graphics reflect light at night and make the vehicle look like a lighted billboard moving across the roads, thus preventing the chances for accidents. IDY can digitally print entire fleet graphics on reflective material so that your vehicles are safer at night-time.

IDY Featured Commercial Vehicle Wrap: Kyle Leduc 99

Kyle Leduc 99


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We strive for corporate branding perfection.

When applying a vehicle wrap, cutting around the bars, handles, headlights and other attachments of the vehicle can often times decrease the lifespan and quality of the product.

With the changes in climate, dirt, water, and other debris can get underneath the vehicle wrap, causing shrinkage, and ultimately destroying it all together.

At Identify Yourself®, we take the time to remove these additional attachments so that your vehicle wrap can be applied correctly.

It is simply another small effort to strive for customer service excellence, and provide our clients with corporate branding perfection.

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